What we do

We bring into focus and magnify the human connections that bring our businesses to life.

We see it as our job to combine warmth and challenge to get to the heart of the matter. We know that people do their best in business (and their lives) I that are being themselves. And that’s not easy. So we use coaching, facilitation, filming, feedback, footage of masters at work, exercises, discussion and anything else that comes to mind to help individuals, teams and organisations grow into themselves.

The kind of words that often start our conversation are Communication, Courageous Conversations, Feedback, Impact, Influencing, Leadership, Coaching, Resilience, Team Development. We bring our broad and varied expertise in these areas to create the perfect solution to fit your needs.

To give you an idea of the things we are frequently called upon to do, click on the links to discover more…

Tailor made executive coaching in London


Topics include: the essentials of inspiring communication, developing confidence, understanding how to craft engaging messages, using visuals effectively and speaking with authority and authenticity.


Topics include: network mapping, influencing styles, creating an influencing campaign and developing authentic relationships.


Topics include: strategic thinking, galvanising people to your vision, inspiring communication, team cohesion, managing high performing teams.


Topics include: understanding others, team cohesion, communicating with clarity, creating purpose and action.


Topics include: Success Strategies, Mindfulness, Authenticity and Confidence, Resourcefulness, HeartMath.


Topics include: career development, career transition, stress management, time management, decision making, building confidence, you name it we can cover it! We follow a clear process taking you from reflection to finding clarity which provides you with the ability to take action.

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