Why In Focus


A queue of people at a coffee stand. A man in suit joins the back of the queue and recognising the lady in front of him,


Man:     Hey how are you?


Lady:    (Eye roll, head shake) Busy…


Why in Focus



Recognise this? How many of these conversations have you had today already?

Life, and especially corporate life, tends to run at a break neck pace. And we might feel that we’re being effective but,



At what cost?

In the whirlwind, two things often get lost:

The Human Touch

Breathing Space

When we loose those, everything changes. It changes what it feels like to come to work each day. It changes the levels of trust you have. It changes what’s possible.


And all that impacts the bottom line.

In Focus was born from the belief that how we do business matters as much as what we do.


Introducing In Focus

We focus on breathing life into working life.

As a team of coaches, facilitators, trainers with between 10-25 years of experience in personal and professional development, we help leaders refine how they do what they do. We exist to help cut through the noise, get to the heart of the matter and catalyse sustainable changes in behaviour.

Our expertise centres on the skills and mindset that enable relationships and results to flourish.

We hone in on:

The way we communicate

The way we influence others

The way we lead people

The way we work together in teams


Our approach

… is simple. Your agenda is our agenda.

We work as a trusted partner to hone the perfect solution for you. The process often looks like this:

Scoping meeting: Our initial meeting is a face-to-face consultation to understand the background and determine specific objectives/outcomes. Expect lots of questions!

Detailed Proposal: We’ll send you an overview of the experience participants will have. We will be map out how this ensures you achieve your objectives and how it gives you a quantifiable return on investment.

Sign off and work commences:  The solution can vary from a single workshop, to a series of coaching sessions or communication workshops, right up to an end-to-end leadership development programme. Once you’re 100 happy, the wheels are set in motion.

Ongoing conversation: We work closely with key stakeholders keeping the conversation flowing with regular updates. Throughout we will keep the programme flexible enough to adapt as your business develops.

Work completed: When our programme is completed we gather and analyse feedback and revisit the objectives with you to ensure that they have been met to your satisfaction.

Our programmes

At In Focus we have a range of programmes which can be tailored for your needs. The programmes incorporate a unique blend of coaching, facilitation and training, which draw upon our many years of business development experience.

We encourage full participation in our programmes and teach in a style that is proactive, focused and fun. The objective is to leave all participants with not only a wealth of innovative ideas but also the tools and desire to translate those ideas into action

Our programmes include:


Topics include: the essentials of inspiring communication, developing confidence, understanding how to craft engaging messages, using visuals effectively and speaking with authority and authenticity.


Topics include: network mapping, influencing styles, creating an influencing campaign and developing authentic relationships.


Topics include: strategic thinking, galvanising people to your vision, inspiring communication, team cohesion, managing high performing teams.


Topics include: understanding others, team cohesion, communicating with clarity, feedback, creating purpose and action.


Topics include: career development, career transition, stress management, time management, decision making, building confidence, you name it we can cover it! We follow a clear process taking you from reflection to finding clarity that provides you with the ability to take action.


Topics include: Success Strategies, Mindfulness, Authenticity and Confidence, Resourcefulness, HeartMath.

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One of our team of experienced partners and associates will be delighted to talk with you.

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